ImageI should start with the last time I had to travel for work while there was a birthday party scheduled. The following text exchange ensued after I received a picture of our two-year-old daughter standing in front of daycare the next day holding something weird.

Me: What is she holding?
Husband: A light saber.
Me: Why is she taking a light saber to daycare?
Husband: It’s show and tell day!
Me: And you sent her to school with a weapon. Where did she even get it?
Husband: Toy store at Franklins. We had to go get a present for Molly’s party so we just got two!
Me: And you sent her to a two-year-old’s birthday party with a light saber as a present.

Today I’m out of state and my husband was taking her to a party. I received the following text: “We went to Franklins and bought the World’s Longest Beard!”

Other mothers love us.