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Most days, I have little use for BuzzFeed, which is hastening the death of journalism and pretty much every other principle I hold dear with features like “8 Dogs That Have Image of Christ on Their Hindquarters.” That said, when a friend recently shared the site’s “28 Big-Batch Summer Drinks That Know How to Get Down,” those magnificent jerks had my attention. I vowed to try them this summer. All of them.

Fetch my pitcher and ready the Advil. Let’s do this.


Drink: No. 5, the Tangerine, Campari and Tequila Cocktail

Occasion: Party for friends moving out of D.C.

Location: Condo overlooking the U.S. Capitol

Verdict: Turns out I’m not a huge Campari fan, so this one scratched me in the back of throat with the bitters in an I-just-licked-a-pinecone way. However, those at the party who do enjoy Campari really dug it. The best I can say is that its hue perfectly matched my maxi dress and it looked great in hand at sunset.

Should You Drink It?: If you like bitters or are wearing a floor-length coral dress, yes.