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The second installment in a new BrunchBird feature known as Summer of Sauce, in which I run through BuzzFeed’s list of 28 Summer Cocktails.


Drink: No. 13 Ginger Mojito

Occasion: Grilling out for Fathers Day

Location: Back yard

Verdict: My cagey relationship with ginger dates back to my pregnancy, the first four months of which were blessed by constant nausea punctuated by daily advice from people telling me to chew ginger, suck ginger, sip ginger tea, rub ginger on my skin, and snort lines of ginger. As such, I now associate ginger with the sensation of wanting to vomit and to ask people to shut up about the ginger already. On this particular day, I didn’t have any fresh ginger on hand so I substituted the jarred minced kind, using about a tablespoon for the half-recipe I was making. It gave a nice kick to the traditional mojito without overpowering the reason one comes to this drink in the first place — mint and sugar. Making the mint-infused syrup took more time (five minutes) than just muddling mint in a glass, as most mojito recipes recommend, but it was worth it. Mainly because I didn’t feel as if I was drinking a salad.

Should You Drink It?: Yes. Unless you’re pregnant.