On Tuesday night, as Sec. Hillary Clinton delivered a rousing victory speech upon having cleaned up in four key primary states, MSNBC anchor and talking Vineyard Vines bowtie Joe Scarborough had some helpful political advice for her face while delivering the speech:

Much has already been expressed about why and exactly how Joe Scarborough can go screw himself. For example here and here.

But I thought I’d do some historical research. It turns out you can take heart, Secretary Clinton. The “Smile.” guys throughout history have put you in excellent company.

Smile, Cleopatra.

Smile, Joan of Arc.SmileJoanofArc

Smile, Marie Curie.SmileMarieCurie

Smile, suffragettes.SmileSuffragettes.jpg

Smile, Marian Anderson.SmileMarianAnderson.jpg

Smile, Rosa Parks.

Smile, Dolores Huerta.SmileDoloresHuerta.jpg

Smile, Kathrine Switzer.SmileKathrineSwitzer.jpg